Jeffrey S.

Dear Jim and Lisa,

We were running around the last day and I did not have a chance to properly thank you. I have been on some charters, in many hotels, and around the world with Janice. We truly did have a wonderful time on your yacht Runaway. You and Lisa were truly professionals and a pleasure to be around. You’re knowledge and ability to Capt. the yacht were flawless. Lisa’s cooking was absolutely delicious. As a mate she was equally proficient. We enjoyed the yacht, it had everything you could need. You did an excellent job renovating the interior and things were working just fine. If you ever decide to become just a captain and mate working on somebody else’s yacht, let me know. I might be the guy to buy that big ship for myself.

I know my friends Skip and Caryn had a delightful time as did Janice and myself. Thank you again for a very enjoyable trip. Please tell Lisa that her special personal cooking for my friends was great as well. You see, nothing to it. All my best for a wonderful new year to the both of you. Feel free to use me as a reference or contact me anytime for a personal question. As you know, I am always On. LOL.

January 22, 2014